With the experience we have gained and the excellent service we have provided to our customers since 1996, we present to you our meeting and assembly rooms, where all kinds of organizations can be held with the concept of modern hotel management, using the latest technology and equipment. If you would like to go out of the ordinary and make your special event a memorable one, Neva Palas is the place for you. Our major priority is your guests’ happiness as well as yours, whether it is a wedding, an engagement ceremony, a reunion dinner, a surprise birthday party or an anniversary. Organising an event needs tactful handling… We have 4 multi-purpose meeting rooms and can provide you with all sorts of technical equipment including collar microphone, table microphone, voice recording system, illumination system, DVD player, stage, lectern, music broadcast, simultaneous translation system, computer, projector, video recording, projection screen, overhead projector, flipchart, TV, writing board, fax, laser pointer, sound system, free wireless internet access and photocopy.

Area Cocktail Gala Diner Theater Classroom U Table I Table
M2 Pax Pax Pax Pax Pax Pax
PANORAMA 130 90 80 60 40 26 30
NEVA SALON 300 450 260 300 120 60 300
NEVA LOUNGE 200 250 120 80 50 30 70
NEVA RESTAURANT 125 150 100 140 60 40 80